Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Gold Silver Down. ,Buy Crude Oil Long Term

Gold Silver open today on higher level, but over all day look down trend on MCX,gold traded at 27500 level and slip down side below 27396,

mcx crude oil traded above 3829 with loss of 29 point ,

बेस मेटल्स की चाल बेहद सुस्त है। कॉपर 412 रुपये के पास है, तो निकेल में दबाव है। एमसीएक्स पर निकेल 0.75 फीसदी की गिरावट के साथ 868 रुपये के नीचे आ गया है। एल्युमिनियम में 0.2 फीसदी की बढ़त आई है, तो लेड में 0.1 फीसदी की हल्की तेजी है और जिंक की चाल सपाट है।

Evening Session MCX Tips

BUY MCX GOLS ABOVE 27430 TARGET 27500/27570/27650 STOPLOSS 27350
BUY CRUDE OIL 3825 3845/3865/3900 STOPLOSS 3790
BUY SILVER ABOVE 39900 TARGET 40000,40100.40200 STOPLOSS 39750

Monday, 12 January 2015

Gold weak trend on comax, Sell mcx gold today 12 January evening tips

Commodity mcx gold trend for evening session look weak trend , now 5 pm evening time traded at 26864 while made recent low at 26851,
comax trend for gold today low down side, made recent high at $1231 and low side at $1217.2, open at $1223.46

Evening Trend update: sell mcx gold 26920 target 26850/26750/26700 stoploss 27030

Base metal and Crude oil look in down trend, keep short position in crude oil, copper and natural gas .

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Commodity Trend update Gold silver trading news ,base metal down by weak china Data

Commodity Gold and Silver Weak trend today , mcx crude oil look in green mode after touch down side 3383, open at 3398 and made high at 3410.
MCX Gold trend: Gold open at 26698 and made high 26759 and low of day at 26670 , comax market range bound at $1184 to $1181 down side.

Intraday Gold Tips:
Sell above 26750 target 26700/26650/26600 stoploss 26820

MCX Silver Trend: mcx silver look in green mode on domestic market, silver open at 36051, made low at 36022 ,high of day at 36215

Intraday Tips: Sell Silver above 36200 target 36100/36000/35900 stoploss 36370

Base Metal Trend:
mcx Copper traded down at 398.5 , mcx Nickel 965.1 while made high 970.6 , and low of day at 962
Intraday Tips base metal:
sell copper 400 target 398/396/394 stoploss 402
sell Nickel 968 target 960/955/950 stoploss 975