Thursday, 28 November 2013

Evening Commodity Tips Update 28 November

commodity prices evening time look stable today cause of global market close , in mcx commodity market gold traded below 29935 and silver below 44100, crude oil traded around 5780 level,copper look 442.50 yesterday closing position while natural gas 244.70.
what should do today:
gold update: sell above 30050 target 29900,29800,29700 stoploss 30150
silver update sell above 44200 target 43750,43500 stoploss 44450
crude oil update: sell around 5800 target 5780,5765,5750 stoploss 5822

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Evening commodity tips update 27 November

Commodity calls update for Evening time:

on comax gold silver look positive while crude oil negative trend, metal share negative trend, copper traded above 443 level and lead, zinc, Aluminium look down trend, natural gas traded above 242.10 in green sign.
what should do?

buy gold above 30200 target should be 30250,30300 stoploss 30150
buy copper above 242 target should be 446,448 stoploss 440
sell natural gas above 242.50 target 242.241,240 stoploss 244.5
sell crude oil above 5860 target 5840,5825,5800 stoploss 5890


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Energy Crude oil positive , bullion trend today 26 November

mcx comax and nymax crude oil look positive trend and traded above $110 Brent crude and $ 95, mcx gold traded $1251 with increase of 10 point or 0.81%, domestic prices increase above 30400 level now traded above 30330, silver near around 45000, and copper 444.80.
 evening commodity tips: 
Gold calls: buy above 30280 and target should be 30400,30450 stoploss 30180 copper : buy copper above 443 target 446,448 stoploss 441  
crude oil : buy above 5915 target 5930,5945,5965 stoploss 5890

Monday, 25 November 2013

commodity calls update today 25 November

mcx price look down trend today, gold december contract slip down below 28700 level, silver below 44000 and crude oil below 5900, after increase storage capacity in US crude oil slip down 5900levl, copper 444 below and natural gas 335.
today tips update:
buy gold above 29559 target 29700,29900 stoploss 29400
buy silver above 44000 target 44600 stoploss 43800
sell copper below 444 traget 437,335 stoploss 446

Friday, 22 November 2013


on comax gold look positive return with huge volume at $1246 above, so domestic market reflect 30300 above alert for once more bounce back bullion gold, silver moment.
Copper update: copper look strong support at 4441 level so keep buy position above 442 target should be 447 above.
Mcx natural gas : natural gas look positive trend after evening time at support level of 232 buy @ 232 target should be 26,238 stoploss 230
Mcx Silver: buy silver above 45000 target 45200,45450 stoploss 44800
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Evening Tommodity Tips Update|| Energy Crude , Metal calls

December contact gold, silver look positive at evening time, gold traded with increase of 88 point at 30158 and crude oil 5944, copper above 440 level , rupee down above 62.88 with loss of 31 point, on coma x gold traded at $1248 copper and ng look positive trend.
What should do in evening time in commodity:
gold tips by above 30100 level keep tgt 30300 with support of 39950 level
copper update: copper can touch 444,46,448 with strong support at437 level
Natural gas: buy above 230 target should be 235,236 stoploss 229

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

mcx live trend 20 november || commodity tips and call by experts || metal tips today

Commodity prices look positive on global trend keep constant but physical demand of precious metal look high, as well as FED chairperson speech give support to bullish trend, mcx gold traded above 30450,silver 46000, copper 438,zinc and lead also positive trend, crude oil taken recovery above 5930 level

Today commodity calls by expert view:
gold: gold buy above 30400 target 30550,30600 stoploss 30300
silver buy above 45600 target 45900,46300,46500 stoploss 45500
copper buy above 438 target 440,442,444 stoploss 435
buy crude oil above 5930 target 5950,5970,5990 stoploss 5000

Monday, 18 November 2013

evening commodity update, mcx call tips today

sell gold below 30275 target 30200,30150 stoploss 30350
sell copper below 437 target 434,431 stoploss 440