Wednesday, 30 April 2014

mcx gold silver trading tips today 30 April, crude oil inventory

mcx gold and silver look down trend today , gold slip down 28669 level after opening at 28725, comax gold was traded below $1290 while make high at $1296.44.

silver traded on nymax at $19.27 and make high of day is $19.489, mcx silver traded above 41568 and open today at 41889, low of day is 41522 on mcx fail more than 350 point today as well as gold fail 78 point.
Mcx nickel trend : today open above 1105 made high 1106 and down side low 1088, mcx copper traded flat on 408.8 while open at 410.4.
crude oil trend: today crude oil inventory become at night, nymax crude oil slip down 1.1% at $100.10, mcx crude oil open at 6100 and made high 6100 down side make low of day is 1046, increase storage capacity in US so crude was down trend.
Evening commodity calls
buy gold above 28640 target 28750,28800,28900 stoploss 28500
buy silver above 41550 target 41750,41900 stoploss 41300
sell crude oil above 6170 target 6100 stoploss 6110
sell copper (june) above 414 target 410 stoploss 417

Monday, 28 April 2014

mcx gold silver positive trend, copper positional call today

bullion metal gold traded on comax above $1300 while mcx gold above 28930 ,morning time open at 28980 and make high at 29020, cause of ukraine crisis increase gold silver and crude oil prices as well as weak rupee given support, after recovery in rupee at 60.43 level gold and silver decline upper range.
Crude oil trend: crude oil positive trend from morning session after opening at 6144 and made high at 6177 and low of day is 6131, now evening time traded at 6163. crude oil up trend 6185,6200,6225 and down side at 6115 today.
Mcx copper and nickel trend: mcx copper traded above 419.5 today open at 419.75 and make high at 420.95, today coper trend is 421,425,427 and down side is 416
mcx nickel lok up trend from morning time and traded above 1125.6 while open at 1123.4, make high of day is 1133 and low of day is 1118.8, nickel trend upside 1130,1135 and down side 1115.
evening commodity calls update:
buy gold above 28900 target 29000,29100,29150 stoploss 28800
buy silver 42450 target 42650,42800 stoploss 42200
buy copper above 419 target 421,423 ,425 stoploss 416
buy crude oil 6150 target 6190,6220 stoploss 6125

Friday, 25 April 2014

crude oil prices fail 1% above , bullion metal bullish trend

crude oil prices fail more than 1% in mcx today open at 6266 and made high 6266 then falling at 6166 levels, nymax crude was down from $102.05 to $101.21, it should be down below $99.00.

mcx bullion metal gold silver look uptrend today, gold open at 28845 and made high above 28965 low of day is 28757, comax gold traded above $1296 ,
mcx copper opan at 414.3 aqnd made high at 422.7 while low of 414.3, mcx nickel look under pressure and slip down 1124.1 to 1108.5 now evening time traded at 1116.3.
today all base metal are down , aluminium ,lead and zinc was down.
Evening commodity calls:
buy gold above 28830 target 28900,28950,29000 stoploss 28730
buy silver above 42450 target 42600,42800,42900 soploss 42200
sell nickel above 1120 target 1110,1100,1090 stoploss 1126
sell crude oil 6190 target 6150,6100 stoploss 6250

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

base metal down trend today, nickel positional call

mcx bullion metal gold look positive on comax, traded above $1286.40, mcx gold was traded at 28730 , silver traded at 42456 while crude oil and base metal copper weak trend below at $3025 and mcx copper traded at 410.50 , 
mcx crude oil slip down from 6245 above to 6216 today while weak opening at 6202,
sell crude oil 6230 target 6200,6180 stoplos 6255
sell copper above 411 target 408, 406,403 stoploss 414
sell nickel above 1120 target 1110,1100 stoploss 1130
buy silver above 42450 target 42650,42800 stoploss 42200

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Gold ,silver momentum high, base metal tips today

mcx gold silver looked positive trend today, rupee also support to increase bullion prices, gold open today at 28536 and make high at 28675, low side of day is 28482, 
mcx silver traded at 42428, open at 42000 and make high at 42440, low of day is 41943, mcx silver uptrend if cross 42500 then 42800 and down side 41850.
Mcx base metal tips: base metal looked positive trend todat , copper traded above 407 above ans nickel made high at 1110 plus, lead mke high todat above 130.55, aluminium was more aggressive made high at 112.85,.
commodity calls today:
buy copper 407 target 410,412,414 stoploss 403
buy nickel 1010 target 105,1020,1025 stoploss 1000
buy crude oil above 6300 target 6310,6320,6330 stoploss 6280

Monday, 21 April 2014

Evening commodity trend today 21 April, live mcx calls

evening time mcx gold traded below 28400 at 28378 with loss of 127 and mcx silver slip down 457 point at 41920,
mcx crude oil Expiry of April month looked under pressure at 6280, today high of day is 6293 and low of day is 6270.
mcx copper traded at 406.95 ,today open above 407.45 and low of day is 405.6 , upside copper trend is 409/412 and down side 400 level.
Mcx nickel trend today: nickel was open at 1080 and made high of day is 1087.9 and low of day is 1074 , today up trend is 1090,1095,1100 while down side 1070.
evening commodity tips:
buy gold above 28350 target 28400,29500,28650 stoploss 28200
buy silver 41950 target 42300,42500 stoploss 41700
buy copper above 406 target 409,412 stoploss 402
sell crude oil above 6280 target 6260,6240,6210 stoploss 6300

Friday, 18 April 2014

Mcx commodity update, natural gas, crude oil positive

mcx natural gas was moved more than 10 point after opening at 274.2 and made high at 286.5 and low of day is 271.1.

Natural gas trend: upside 289,295 and down side 278,274.
base metal tips: copper looked positive trend yesterday, close at 407.40 while open at 405.5 and made high 407.8.
copper trend: upside 410,412,415 and down side 403,401.
comax gold trend: gold traded below $1300 levels at  $1294.8 to $1293.38,
mcx gold movement look positive open at 28550 and made high at 28617 low of day is 28460 , gold up side should be 28670 then 28860,28950 and down side 28350,28200.
on monday commodity tips :
buy gold 28450 target 28650,2750 stoploss 28300
buy copper above 407 target 410,413,415 stoploss 401
buy crude oil (may) 6245 target 6300,6330 stoploss 6200

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Commodity Live trend, nickel and crude oil trading call

mcx market gold and silver traded range bound positive, comax gold traded at $1298 and silver traded above $19.65, mcx market gold was 28505 and silver traded at 42354, open at 42336 and made high at 42449.

Rupee trend today: rupee open weak agains dollar at 60.495, now taken recovery at 60.35 , mcx copper open today at 405.5 and made high 406.2, low of day is 403.8, now trend of copper is upside 406,408,410 and down side 403,401.
mcx nickel : nickel traded positive today open at 1081.5 and made high 1090 down side at 1071.5, today trend of nickel is 1090,1095,1105 and down side 1075,1070,1065.
crude oil trend: crude oil positive comax today after recovery in US and European market, on comax market crude oil traded at $104.15 and mcx crude oil open at 6252 and made high at 6307 and low of day is 6241.
mcx commodity call today:
buy gold above 28500 target 28550,28600,28650 stoploss 28400
buy silver 42350 target 42500,42650 , 42800 stoploss 42100
buy copper above 405 target 408,410,412 stoploss 399
buy crude oil above 6260 target 6290,6320,6350 stoploss 6225
buy nickel above 1080 target 1085,1090,1095 stoploss 1070

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

commodity market trend today, bullion and base metal calls

Evening data affect commodity market today:
5.30 pm Fomc member speaks
6.00 pm housing permits data ,
>> housing starts
6.45 pm capacity utilization
>> industrial production m/m,
8.00 pm crude oil inventory
9.45 pm Fed chair Yellen speak
10.55 pm Fed member Fisher speak
11.30 pm beige book

Bullion trend update:

mcx commodity bullion are positive trend at evening session, gold traded at 28555 and mase low of day is 28315 and high of day is 28590,
mcx silver traded above 42324, high of day is 42493 and low of day is 41761, up trend today
mcx crude oil trend: crude oil traded above 6222 before inventory made high 6339 and low of day is 6249.
nickel and copper:
nickel made high at 1088.5 and low of day is 1041, mcx nickel break resistance level 1077 so 1100,1130 uptrend.
Copper traded 401.7 above today break 402 upside so 405,407,411 should be touch,
evening commodity call:
buy gold 28500 target 28650 stoploss 28400
buy silver 42300 target 42550 stoploss 42100
buy copper above 401 target 405,408 stoplos 397

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


mcx market gold silver fail today under presure of global market, on comax gold was fail $1326/.37 to $1304 level , silver fail from $20.004 to $19.676, mcx silver traded at 42715 and gold was 28595.

mcx copper look constant at 405 to 406 level while nickel was down more than 20 point open at 1070.3 and down side at 1033.7.
mcx crude oil was down 6270 to 6213 slip down 59 point today, natural gas moved down side from 276 to 272.6 today.
Evening commodity levels:
sell gold above 28600 target 28500,28400,28300 stoploss 28800
sell silver 42700 target 42500,42400,42300 stoploss 42950
sell nickel 1056 target 1050,1045,1040 stoploss 1063
sell natural gas above 275 target 273,270 stoploss 278

Monday, 14 April 2014

Why commodity prices rose while share market uptrend

share market of India record touch high in April month, Nifty touch 6850 and sensex near around 23000, while rupee taken recovery slowly than dollar at 60.00 levels.
But one of most thing commodity prices increase last month sharply like gold silver prices and base metal and crude oil prices.
Gold touch $1330 up side and silver $20.138, crude oil $104.55 per barrel , gold prices rose after top producer Russia and south Africa affecting some problem, US prepared to Scanctions on the top producer Russia could affect supply of the metal.
Ukraine and Russian cold war increase to metal rate high last month. So these metal and crude oil prices increase .
Gold rate update today: on comax gold was open at $1219.4 and rose above $1230 while current market live at $1223.77.
share market of India record touch high in April month, Nifty touch 6850 and sensex near around 23000, while rupee taken recovery slowly than dollar at 60.00 levels.
But one of most thing commodity prices increase last month sharply like gold silver prices and base metal and crude oil prices.
Gold touch $1330 up side and silver $20.138, crude oil $104.55 per barrel , gold prices rose after top producer Russia and south Africa affecting some problem, US prepared to Sanctions on the top producer Russia could affect supply of the metal.
Ukraine and Russian cold war increase to metal rate high last month. So these metal and crude oil prices increase .
Gold rate update today: on comax gold was open at $1219.4 and rose above $1230 while current market live at $1223.77.
Evening commodity calls:
buy gold above 28800 target 28950,29100 stoploss 28650
buy silver above 42900 target 43150,43350 stoploss 42700
buy copper 408 target 410,412,414 stoploss 405
sell natural gas above 278 target 275,171 stoplodd 282


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Copper positional call, crude oil, gold silver tips tomorrow

mcx copper close on 407 and made high 411.7 copper positional look strong uptrend support level 395/392 and resistance level 411,417,423
LME inventory given supoprt to base metal prices as well as crude oil prices increase after inventory and increase demand in U.S.
Base metal and nickel update: nickel prices hit 11 month high wake of Indonesia's decision. And increase demand from consuming industries, firming global trend.
Nickel close at 1055.9, open at 1037.9 and made high of day is 1057, nickel low was 1035.3.
positional support of nickel is 1005,995 and resistance level is 1065,1076,1110
gold silver trend : mcx gold yesterday close at 28756, while open at 28799 and made high 28844 level and low of day is 28670.
mcx gold support at 28650,28460 and resistance level is 28950,29100
MCX crude oil trend : mcx crude oil made high of day is 6311 and close at 6292 while low of day is 6215, positional support of crude oil is 6090,5980 and resistance level is 6410,6670 for April contact.

Commodity calls
buy gold above 28700 target 28850,29000 stoploss 28550
buy silver 43100 target 43450,43700 stoploss 42900
buy copper 407 target 411,413,415 stoploss 402
buy nickel above 1055 target 1065,1078,1100 stoploss 1030
buy crude oil 6270 target 6350,6400 stoploss 6200

Friday, 11 April 2014

Base Metal Positional call today , crude oil down trend

Base metal copper and nickel made high today, mcx nickel hit 1053.7 upside while open was 1037.9 , mcx copper open at 406.2 and made high 409.6, lead and aluminium also increase more than 0.5 paise.
Mcx gold and silver look down trend after touch $1321.57 and $20.1, gold made high 28824 and silver made high 43405, rupee also weak than dollar today, traded above 60.23 with loss of 15 paise.
Crude oil trend: oil prices look up trend after soft chines trade number and weak U.S supply Report, on the Newark mercantile Exchange, west taxas Intermediate crude oil for delivery in may traded $103.40 a barrel and a high of $103.80.
mcx crude oil open weak today at 6231 and made high 6235 of day, down side low of day is 6215 so crude oil should be slip down 6200 level.

Evening commodity calls:
buy gold 28680 target 28750,28800,28900 stoploss 28580
buy silver 43150 target 43450,43600 stoploss 42950
buy copper above 408 target 410,412,414 stoploss 407
sell crude oil 6230 target 6200,6180 stoploss 6255

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bullion metal trend today 10 april, crude oil tips update

Bullion metal of mcx look positive trend today, gold made high above 28770 and silver 43687, mcx nickel made high 1031.2 while aluminium made high above 111. 90, crude oil slip down at 6210 level evening session.

Mcx copper also traded down trend after open above 403.7 and made high above 405.7, low of day is 403 ,
Mcx trend today :
Gold trend aggressive if cross 28800 then should be touch 29000 and down side 28450
silver trend : upside 43780,43950 and down side 43200
mcx crude oil trend: crude oil traded down side 6210if break 6200 then 6140 ad upside 6250
mcx copper trend: copper traded at 403.60 below if break 402.50 then 400,398 and upside 405.50
evening commodity calls:
buy gold above 28650 target 28750,28850,29000 stoploss 28500
buy silver above 43500 target 43750,43900 stoploss 43250
buy copper above 403 target 405,407,409 stoploss 400
buy crude oil above 6210 target 6240,6260 stoploss 6190

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

gold silver under pressure, base metal flat, crude oil tips

gold silver look under pressure today, now afternoon time traded above 28509 with gain of 25 point, silver traded above 43000 level while open was 43201 and high at 43281.

mcx copper look dow trend after open high range 406.4 make high 406.95 and down trend 403.7, nickel traded uptrend at 997 level while open at 991.2,
mcx crude oil traded upside 6180 now, open at 6157 and low of day is 6143. trend of crude oil is 6195,6215 and down side 6080 so sell on rise 6180 above
Evening commodity calls:
sell aluminium above 109 target 108.50,108,107.50 stoploss 109.70
sell crude oil above 6180 target 6150,6120 stoploss 6219
sell copper above 405.50 target 404,402,400 stoploss 407.5
sell silver above 43050 target 42800,42600 stoploss 43280

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Evening session commodity tips, base metal trend

Commodity market close yesterday was green mode, gold,silver and base metal look up trend, only crude oil looked in negative trend , natural gas increase more than 5 point and close above 273.2.
mcx nickel was open at 982.4 and made high at 999.7 total increase 14 point in single day. Mcx copper open was at 400.1 and made high at 408.15 and low was 399.25.
gold silver trend: comax gold look up trend today above $1312 and open below $1296 so evening session gold may open above 28450 plus,while silver was traded $20.16, so silver should be open above 43350 plus.
Crude oil trend: crude oil traded in positive direction while mcx crude close below 6050 so open above 6070 above upside and down side 6020
evening time commodity calls:
buy gold above 28350 target 28500,28650 stoploss 28200
buy silver above 43150 target 43350,43500,43650 stoploss 42850
buy crude oil above 6030 target 6055,6090 ,6120 stoploss 6000
sell natural gas above 274 target 272,270,268 stoploss 278

Monday, 7 April 2014

Commodity trading levels in gold, silver, base metal

U.S. non- farm payroll data, despite the poor once again, gold - silver has begun to decline . Mcx gold was down above 28300 level cause of strong rupee help to reduce prices. Silver traded at 42818 while high of day is 43000 and down side low was 42770.
mcx base metal trend:
copper look aggressive above 400 level and make high 401.35, down side low is 399.25, upside trend if cross 401.7 then 404 plus and down side if cross 399 then 398, 395.
nickel : nickel traded aggressive mode above 992.5 and open at 982.4 , upside trend 1000 and down side 980.
crude oil trend update: on supply increase from Libya crude oil prices look in pressure ,today open at 6062 and make low 6045, high of day is 6071 , down side movement should be 6000 and up side 6090.
commodity calls for trading:
sell gold above 28270 target 28200,28100 stoploss 28370
sell silver above 43100 target 42800 stoploss 43300
sell copper above 402.50 target 398 stoploss 404.5
buy crudeoil above 6050 target 6090,6120,6140 stoploss 6024    

Friday, 4 April 2014

Base metal aggressive today, best trading tips in cudeoil

Base metal copper, nickel look positive trend after dollar index high, mcx coper touch upside above 408.85 and down side at 406.95.
mcx nickel traded above 998.3 and high of day is 999.4 and low of day is 987.9 ,nickel aggressive trend: cause of dollar index high , all base metal look up trend , watch level 1000,1012 up side and down side 989
crude oil trend: crude oil look positive after open below 6070, today make high above 6107 and aggressive now 6120,6140,6160 levels
gold trend update: gold look week on comax today now traded below $1290 and open at $1286.77, mcx gold traded above 28180 and make low of day is 28080, high of day is 28228.
silver trend : mcx silver traded above 43140 and make high 43249 today, low of the day is 42951, silver should be aggressive above 43250,then 43340,43470,43540. sown side if break 42950 then 42800,42656.
commodity calls update:
buy gold above 28100 target 28150,28240,28330 stoploss 27980
buy silver above 43050 target 43350,43500 stoploss 42780
buy copper above 407.5 target 409,411,413 stoploss 405
buy crude oil 6085/90 target 6120,6140,6160 stoploss 6050

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Evening commodity update:
mcx gold silver both are looked in under pressure before unemployment claims data come, while rupee down against dollar more than 30 paise , now traded above 61.19 against dollar.

Gold june was traded above 28030 and silver traded below 42850 with loss of 300 point, gold made high at 28245 and silver upside 43435.
copper traded range bound 405.7 to 403.3, now traded at 404.05 with up trend.
Mcx nickel was open at 970 and make high 980.7 now traded above 975.8 ,while natural gas traded at 263 .
crude oil open at 5970 and make high at 6007, before 5 pm crude was traded 5991 ,upside trend of crude is 6120,6140,6150 and down side 5960
evening time commodity calls update:
sell gold above 28100 target 28000,27850 stoploss 28300
sell silver above 43150 stoploss 43400 target will be 42800,42500
sell natural gas above 264 target 261,259,255 stoploss 270
buy crude oil above 5990 target 6020,6050,6080 stoploss 5940

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Energy, crude oil down, gold silver copper up trend, mcx tips today

mcx commodity trend update:
gold : open down trend below 28000 at 27923 and now increase 100 point up trend at 28180, june contact tradeing with range bound below 28000.

Today up side trend is 28250,28380,28450 and down trend was 27930,27800,27745
Silver: silver open at 42550 and high of day is 42775 and down side at 42528, up side 42950,43130 and down side 42140,42000.
Copper trend: mcx copper open at 404 level and high was 406.3 and low of day is 403.8, copper can touch 408,410 412 up side.
Aluminium trend: Today aluminium open at 106, and make high above 107.50 ,down side at 105.90 , today up side 108,109 and down side 105.50.
natural gas: natural gas looked under pressure today open above 256.9 and down side moved 254.4, today up side trend is 257,259 and down side 253,251
evening commodity calls:
buy gold (june) 27800 target 27850,27900,27950 stoploss 27650
buy crude oil above 5950 target 5970,5990,6120 stoploss 5920
buy copper above 406 target 408,410,412 stoploss 403
buy nickel above 960 target 965,970,978 stoploss 950

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Evening commodity Tips , live tips today

commodity market gold silver, base metal, crude oil trend look down trend , mcx gold traded at 29356 with loss of 180 point, and silver traded at 42799 , mcx copper looked in positive today open at 403.5 and make high at 404.65.
crude oil looked under pressure open above 6104 and make high 6109 and low side 6080, nickel traded above 952.6 today open at 956.1 and make high at 957.2, down side today at 947.5.
commodity call:
sell gold above 28050 target 27950,27800 stoploss 28200
sell crude oil 6100 target 6070,6050 stoploss 6130
buy aluminium above 106 target 106.5,107,107.50 stoploss 105