Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Base metal trend today, gold silver down at end of year 2013

year 2013 end today and bullion metal look down continue one week ,gold traded at 28340 to 28350 with loss of 15 point ,silver traded above 43924 with loss of 279 point, crudeoil down 23 point now traded at 6135, copper, nickel, zinc, lead and aluminium down trend ,Natural gas traded at 271.20 with loss od 3.30 .
rupee help to down prices in mcx while comax also down trend due to new year celebration and holiday.
Evening calls today:
sell gold abov 28350 target 28300/28250/28200 stoploss 28450
sell silver 44050 target 43900/43800/43700 stoploss 44250
sell natural gas above 274 target 271,268,266 stoploss 278
sell crude oil above 6145 target 6130,6120,6110stoploss 6160

Monday, 30 December 2013

Bearish trend in Bullion today, Evening call update for trading

bullion trend today: gold decline 0.6% or 171 point on mcx market at 28390 while silver trading loss of 609 point at 44545, on comax both bullion metal look down trend.
New year and winter session holyday on international market mcx prices look down trend .

Energy and crude oil trend:

crude oil look down today 30 point and traded aboe 6232 while energy natural gas traded 2 point above at 276,

Mcx Metal Trend:

 Aluminium, copper, Zinc, lead look positive on mcx while Nickel slip down 3.4 point traded below 875.

Evening calls for trading:

buy gold above 28350 target 28400,28450,2500 stoploss 28260
buy silver above 44500 target 44650,44790,44950 stoploss 44300
buy crudeoil above 6230 target 6240,6250,6260 stoploss 6210
buy copper above 468 target 472,475,478 stoploss 463

Friday, 27 December 2013


mcx base metal trend look down in comax, while mcx in India return in buy position copper traded at 468.60 with loss of 1.25, aluminium increase 2 point at 108.60 , lead traded above 139.95, zinc above 130.60.
mcx golds traded above 28450 ,silver traded above 44800 and crude oil 6194 with loss of 5 point.

Evening moment call with level:

buy gold above 28450 target 28500/28550/28600 stoploss 28350
sell silver above 44950 target 44750/44600 stoploss 45200
buy crude oil above 6185 target 6225/6240 stoploss 6160
buy copper above 468 target 470/472/475 stoploss 463

Thursday, 26 December 2013

26 December commodity calls, bullion metal bullish trend

bullion metal price look high today on comax now evening moment gold traded above $1206 and mcx traded at 28550 with gain of 96 point, silver prices also high traded above 41192 with increase of 198 point while comax rate look above $19.50.
Rupee Trend : today rupee look under pressure against dollar now traded above $62.11 with loss of 31 paise, that effect seen commodity prices.
Mcx copper ,nickel and crudeoil look positive trend while leas and zinc traded in negative sign

now level for trading in bullion and base metal:

gold calls buy @28500/28480 target should be 28560/28650 stoploss 28400
silver calls: buy @ 44100 target 44250,44380,44500 stoploss 43950
Copper calls: buy @ 468 target 471,474 stoploss 463
natural gas: buy @ 280/281 target 284/286 stoploss 277


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Base Metal bullish trend, mcx tips tomorrow

on comax and mcx base metal bullish last trading session , copper close on 465.80 with increase of 8.75 in single day ,make high 8.75, bullion metal also close with green signal, while rupee close on positive.

Last commodity rates with high and low



BUY GOLD ABOVE 28450 TARGET 28550,28600,28650 STOPLOSS 28370


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

commodity trading tips ,live call update 24 December

mcx gold bearish trend continue three days today make high 228400 and low 28280,at evening time comax gold look positive trend, what ever all commodity stock up trend,while rupee strong three day against dollar at $61.79 with gain 0.16 paise.
Evening moment in gold
sell gold above 28440/28420 target 28350,28250 stoploss 28500
sell silver above 43850 target 43500 stoploss 4400
sell copper above 461 target 457 stoploss 463
sell crude oil above 6170 target 6130 stoploss 6195


Monday, 23 December 2013

Strong rupee $61.95, gold silver fall, natural gas increase

Evening time in India commodity prices down trend today, at 5 pm gold decline 175 point down traded at 28360 and silver traded at 43940 with loss of 50 point, crude oil slip 29 point traded at 6160 while copper, nickel, and natural gas look positive.
Evening time moment in gold, silver, and nickel tips today
sell gold 28400/450 target 28300,28250 stoploss 28500
sell natural gas above 281/282 target 277,274 stoploss 285
sell nickel 895 target 8 90,885 stoploss 899 
sell copper at 458.50 target 457/555/452 stoploss 460

Friday, 20 December 2013


Evening moment in commodity look flat , bullion metals trade in down side below 28400 with gain of 70 point, and silver 44050 with gain of 170 point, copper traded at 461.2 , nickel increase 5 point at 892.2.
evening commodity call for trading:
sell gold 28450 target 28400,28350,28300 stoploss 28520
sell silver above 44050 target 43700,43500 stoploss 44300
sell copper above 461.50 target 457.50,455 stoploss 464
sell nickel 893 target 885 stoplos 897
sell crude oil 6190 target 6150,6140 stoplos 6220

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Momentum call in evening time commodity update

on comax gold slip down $1200 and fed meeting review not in  favourer  of commodity market , now gold silver, copper ,natural gas look down trend, rupee taken recovery on evening time so more possibility to down commodity prices.
trading call today
sell gold above 28700 target 28600,28500 stoploss 28900
sell silver 44400 target 44300,44200,44100 stoploss 44550
buy crude oil above 6130 target 6150,6170,6190 stoploss 6100
buy copper 458 target 460,462,565 stoploss 455

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fed Meeting Result is Key Factor for Commodity market, Evening moment update

Today Fed meeting result awaited for commodity segment before this bullion metal look down trend today, while metal share increase as well as energy and crude oil make high today.
Mcx Gold Trend: today Indian currency close in negative zone against dollar above 62.09, now gold traded at 28760
today resistance above 29120,29250
and support level for gold is 28640,28456
if break 28670 then 28450 will touch down side
hni trader can keep short position in gold above 28850 target 28500,28400 stoploss 28950
silver Trend: sell silver above 45200 target 44800,44600 stoploss 45500

buy crude oil  above 6090 target 6112,6125,6145 stoploss 6065

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Evening moment in copper today, gold silver tips for today

before fomc meeting commodity prices look positive in mcx , only rupee is factor for up trends all commodity market.
Gold traded above 28930, silver 45285, natural gas 263, copper 462 and crude oil 6030 level
commodity call for trading:
sell gold above 28950 target 28760,28700,28650 stoploss 29050
sell silver 45300 target 4500,44800,44700 stoploss 45500
sell natural gas above 265 target 263,260 stoploss 268
sell crudeoil above 6030 target 6000,5980 stoploss 6050

Monday, 16 December 2013

commodity trading tips 16 December, Evening moment in mcx

Evening moment in commodity like down trend , international market look in pressure before Fed meeting result, Tapering in QE3 package decrease investment in gold silver while in mcx gold traded at 28950 level with loss of 457 point, rupee close strong than dollar at 39 paise it also factor to decrease commodity prices.
Evening trend: 
sell gold above 29150 target 28800,28700 stoploss 29300
sell silver above 44300 target 43800 stoploss 44600
sell natural gas above 263 target 260,258 stoploss 266

Friday, 13 December 2013

Evening Commodity Trend today 13 December

Commodity update: gold increase only mcx on down fall rupee so prices high, at evening time , copper also increase 460 above, natural gas high demand increase last three day
evening momentum call:

Buy Natural gas above 271 target 274,275 stoploss 268
sell gold above 29350 target 29250 stoploss 29400
sell silver above 44700 stoploss 44850 target 44300

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Evening commodity trend Update 11 December

evening commodity trend look positive cause of rupee down as well as global market support , gold traded above 29600 level silver 45600, and crude ,natural gas all metal increase today ,
late night inventory come in crude by US and it will touch record high above 6080
today trading tips
buy gold above 29540 target 29700 stoploss 29450
buy silver above 45600 target 45900 stoploss 45400
buy crude above 6040 target 6080 stoploss 6020

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Momentum call in commodity today 3 December

commodity market look down trend today at evening time cause of global market trend and strong backup in rupee today, now gold traded above 29059 with loss of 3 point, today make high above 29229 , and crude oil 6100 above as well as copper lok down trend , now traded at 444.10 comax metal share look down trend today.
Commodity call at evening time:
buy copper above 444 target 448 stoploss 441
buy crude oil above 6050 target 6075,6095 stoploss 6030

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Evening commodity tips today 3December , base metal tips

evening time huge momentum volume in commodity share like gold, silver, mcx base metal and crude oil, today cold , crude oil look positive trend,while copper and silver look down trend, so alert for all investor in India
evening time petroleum ministry report will come and crude may touch 5900 level
tips for today
buy gold feb above 28800 target 28850,28900,28950 stoploss 27700
buy copper above 444 target 446,448,450 stoploss 441
buy crude oil above 5880 target 5890,5900,5910 stoploss 5866

Monday, 2 December 2013

Evening commodity update: bullion metal down today 2 December 2013

on comax bullion metal gold traded at $1238, silver traded at $19.752, base metal coppar traded on comax at 447.05 and crude oil traded at 5795 with loss of 44 point.
Tips for trading:
sell gold above 30150 target 30100,30000, 29900
sell silver above 43850 target 43800,43700,43600 stoploss 44000
sell crude oil below 5800 target 5750 stoploss 5820

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Evening Commodity Tips Update 28 November

commodity prices evening time look stable today cause of global market close , in mcx commodity market gold traded below 29935 and silver below 44100, crude oil traded around 5780 level,copper look 442.50 yesterday closing position while natural gas 244.70.
what should do today:
gold update: sell above 30050 target 29900,29800,29700 stoploss 30150
silver update sell above 44200 target 43750,43500 stoploss 44450
crude oil update: sell around 5800 target 5780,5765,5750 stoploss 5822

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Evening commodity tips update 27 November

Commodity calls update for Evening time:

on comax gold silver look positive while crude oil negative trend, metal share negative trend, copper traded above 443 level and lead, zinc, Aluminium look down trend, natural gas traded above 242.10 in green sign.
what should do?

buy gold above 30200 target should be 30250,30300 stoploss 30150
buy copper above 242 target should be 446,448 stoploss 440
sell natural gas above 242.50 target 242.241,240 stoploss 244.5
sell crude oil above 5860 target 5840,5825,5800 stoploss 5890


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Energy Crude oil positive , bullion trend today 26 November

mcx comax and nymax crude oil look positive trend and traded above $110 Brent crude and $ 95, mcx gold traded $1251 with increase of 10 point or 0.81%, domestic prices increase above 30400 level now traded above 30330, silver near around 45000, and copper 444.80.
 evening commodity tips: 
Gold calls: buy above 30280 and target should be 30400,30450 stoploss 30180 copper : buy copper above 443 target 446,448 stoploss 441  
crude oil : buy above 5915 target 5930,5945,5965 stoploss 5890

Monday, 25 November 2013

commodity calls update today 25 November

mcx price look down trend today, gold december contract slip down below 28700 level, silver below 44000 and crude oil below 5900, after increase storage capacity in US crude oil slip down 5900levl, copper 444 below and natural gas 335.
today tips update:
buy gold above 29559 target 29700,29900 stoploss 29400
buy silver above 44000 target 44600 stoploss 43800
sell copper below 444 traget 437,335 stoploss 446

Friday, 22 November 2013


on comax gold look positive return with huge volume at $1246 above, so domestic market reflect 30300 above alert for once more bounce back bullion gold, silver moment.
Copper update: copper look strong support at 4441 level so keep buy position above 442 target should be 447 above.
Mcx natural gas : natural gas look positive trend after evening time at support level of 232 buy @ 232 target should be 26,238 stoploss 230
Mcx Silver: buy silver above 45000 target 45200,45450 stoploss 44800
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Evening Tommodity Tips Update|| Energy Crude , Metal calls

December contact gold, silver look positive at evening time, gold traded with increase of 88 point at 30158 and crude oil 5944, copper above 440 level , rupee down above 62.88 with loss of 31 point, on coma x gold traded at $1248 copper and ng look positive trend.
What should do in evening time in commodity:
gold tips by above 30100 level keep tgt 30300 with support of 39950 level
copper update: copper can touch 444,46,448 with strong support at437 level
Natural gas: buy above 230 target should be 235,236 stoploss 229

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

mcx live trend 20 november || commodity tips and call by experts || metal tips today

Commodity prices look positive on global trend keep constant but physical demand of precious metal look high, as well as FED chairperson speech give support to bullish trend, mcx gold traded above 30450,silver 46000, copper 438,zinc and lead also positive trend, crude oil taken recovery above 5930 level

Today commodity calls by expert view:
gold: gold buy above 30400 target 30550,30600 stoploss 30300
silver buy above 45600 target 45900,46300,46500 stoploss 45500
copper buy above 438 target 440,442,444 stoploss 435
buy crude oil above 5930 target 5950,5970,5990 stoploss 5000

Monday, 18 November 2013

evening commodity update, mcx call tips today

sell gold below 30275 target 30200,30150 stoploss 30350
sell copper below 437 target 434,431 stoploss 440

Thursday, 31 October 2013

commodity live tips today, gold,silver trading call

When gold down then Buy gold 29850 target 29950,30150, 30250 stoploss 29600
Sell copper below 450 target 444 stoploss 453

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Why gold prices down today, get sure shot tips in commodity

Mcx market look negative trend today, gold prices fail 313 point, now traded@ 28990, silver traded@ 48427 with loss of 582 point, on international market gold, silver looked negative trend that effect seen in domestic market, dollar prices down against rupee and international market, crude oil availability increase then crude oil continue slip down trend now traded at 6256 with loss of 47 point,
copper trend: copper slip 5.12 point trading @442
trend in copper : down trend
Ad vice on copper: sell below 440 and buy above 445
Gold call: dell gold below 29000 target 29800, 29700, stoploss 29150
silver call: sell silver below 48450 target 48200,48000 stoploss 48600
crude oil tips : sell crude below 6250 target 6200,6150 stoploss 6300

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Evening commodity trend today , sure shot mcx call

Commodity prices look under pressure as well as global market trend looked negative and rupee become strong 67 paise against dolla
r @61.79 , 
Commodity call tips  
Sell gold below 29860 target 29500stoploss 23000
sell silver below 48300 target 48000,47800 stoploss 48600
sell crude oil below 6439 target 6360 stoploss 6470
sell copper below 458 target 451 stoploss 461

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Commodity live call today, gold silver trend negative

Commodity prices look negative today as pressure of international market, on comax gold prices between 1337 to 1323 dollar has been seen, on mcx gold traded at 30300 loss of 100 point and silver 48938 with loss of 211 point, crude oil prices look down trend after US shut down of work now crude oil trading at 6437 with loss of 6 point, copper traded at 462.25 with loss of 4.25 .
evening commodity calls:
sell gold below 30300 target 30200 stoploss 30370
sell silver below 50000 target 48500 stoploss 50300
sell copper below 462 target 460,458 stoploss 465
sell aluminium below 114 target 112,111 stoploss 115

Monday, 16 September 2013

rupee strong today , commodity prices down today|| copper, crude tips

commodity prices look down trend today, gold slip down 609 point now trading at 29550, silver traded at 49180 with loss of 1470 point, crude oil traded 200 point down at 6714,
today rupee make recovery 77 paise now traded at 62.77 , copper traded at 453.5 with loss of 7 point, nikel traded at 871 with loss of 12 point.

Global market trend also look negative today for commodity that effect seen on domestic market.
Evening commodity call tips 
sell gold below 29550 target 29450,29300 stoploss 29700
sell copper below 453.50 target 449,445 stoploss 460
sell zinc 115.70 target 113.5 stoploss 117
sell silver below 49300 target 49000,48700 stoploss 49850

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gold silver evening Calls update

Buy gold above 30550 target 30750 stoploss 30400
buy silver above 52150 target 52350,52500 stoploss 50900
buy crude above 6815 target 6840,6875 stoploss 6785

Thursday, 5 September 2013

intraday commodity tips today

as global trend of share market look positive , commodity round-2 at evening time warm up with positive moods

gold call: buy gold future above 32700 target 32860,32900 stoploss 32520
sillver update: buy silver @55500 target 55650,55750,55850 stoploss 55200

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Evening commodity calls update today 4 september

 gold silver look negative trend as well as crude oil also negative trend so sell position look good.

gold call update: sell gold below 33350 target 33300,33250,33200 stoploss 33430

silver call update: sell silver below 54400 target 54200,54000,53800 stoploss 54900

Crude oil tips: sell below 7300 target 7270, 7240,7200 stoploss 7360

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

commodity expert Advice today|| evening mcx call update

mcx prices look positve today, as well as indian rupee down trend,rupee close at 67.63 against dollar, gold prices increase 800 point above ,today make high 33980, and low of day is 32940,1000 point difference between high and low
today gold level: resistance level @34120,34250
support level 33500,33050

trend : positive
Advicce on gold buy above 33900 target 34100,34250,34320 stoploss 33600
sell below 33850 target 33500

silver Trend: positive
Advice : buy above 56800
sell below 56500

Crude oil : 
sell crude oil below 7380 target 7350,7300 stoploss 7430

Monday, 2 September 2013

mcx gold silver trend today|| intraday commodity call update

commodity prices of india look volatile today, as 2.50 pm trend of commodity, crude oil trading 7087 with loss of 159, as well as gold trading 324 point down trend at 32665 and silver traded at positive trend increase of 788 point at 54000 level,

copper update: on international market copper trend positive as Asian market look positive, today copper open at 488.50, make high 490.95 and low of day is 485.85
now trading at 488.15 with increase of 1.2
copper calls: sell below 488.50 target 487,485, 483 stoploss 491
gold call : buy above 32650 target 32750,32850 stoploss 32500
silver call: buy silver above 53850 target 542100,54250 stoploss 53550
buy crude oil above 7190 target 7220, 7250 stoploss 2140

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

hni gold tips update|| why silver and commodity prices increase

Why gold silver and commodity prices look hot:
gold rate today
>> Rupees : current cause of high prices in gold silver is rupees , now a time rupee make low day by day so commodity prices look hot.
>> Festival session come in India and demand of gold silver neturally increase.
>> Global trend of share market look negative , so that attract investment in commodity share specially gold silver.

Tips for today :

buy crude oil above 7430 targe 7450,7470,7490 stoploss 7380
buy gold above 33500 target 33600,33700,33800 stoploss 33250 
buy silver above 56000 target 56250,56500, 56750 stoploss 55500

Gold Silver trading tips today 29 August 2013|| intraday commodity trend update

gold trend : 
 gold make high today 33622 in opening time after recovery in rupee look down trend and slip down 700 point at 3.20 pm,
high 34622
low 33834

Advice : 
sell below 33900 target 33700,33550 stop loss 34250( use only level of 3400)
buy above 34200 target 34500 stoploss 33900(use only level of 34200)

Silver Trend Update:
 silver make high 59580 and now at 60000 level after smart recovery in rupee silver slip down 57800 level now

trend: positive
Advice: buy above 5800 level target 58500
sell below 57500 target 57000

crude copper and nickel trend :
after 3 pm some down fall has seen on metal nikel down 6 point now trded at 960.80 , copper 494.95 and crude oil 7465

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rupee hits 65.93 Commodity prices record high today|| gold silver tips|| crude oil trend

rupee hits record high at 65.93 against dollar, commodity prices look positive trend gold increase 900 point today, global market trend look positive for commodity prices today as well as share market trend bearish now so demand for commodity trading increase now a time.
Gold trend update:
gold now traded at 32850 with increase of 900 point, today make high of day is 32933 and low 31974, after open ing morning session gold market high and high ,
level for gold today: 32950, 33150,33250,
Advice on gold : buy gold and hold position 35000 .
Silver trend update: silver make high today 55590 and low 53850 level, silver can touch 58000 easily so hold position till month .
silver increase 1550 point now traded at 55355.
crude oil trend: crude oil make today high 7019 and low of day is 6882, total increase in day 126 point at afternoon session,
Advice on crude : buy crude 6980 above target should be 7300 for this month.

Monday, 26 August 2013

commodity trend update update|| gold silver trading tips

today on international market commodity prices look negative trend, so most probably down 1% on current prices crude oil may be increase at 0.4%, copper and nikel can increase because chines market look positive that effect will seen on metal today.

commodity calls today :
 gold trend : sell gold below 31800 target 31650 stoploss 32030
silver trend : look silver positive so trader can make buy position after 53580 level for 5400 stoploss 53200

crude oil trend: buy crude oil above 6850 target 6890 stoploss 6815

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

what should be do in commodity market today

commodity market looked flat today ahead of us fedral bank meeting, today gold silver looked down trend on international market as well as crude oil aslo below $105 on nymax, gold below 30700 and silver below 50150

Commodity call today

Gold resistance level  30950,31050,31270
support level 30500,30350,30200

Gold Trend : day trader can sell gold below @30650 target should be 30500 with strong sl 30750
Silver Trend : Silver trader can sell below 50000 target 595000 with stoploss 50450
Crude oil tips: sell below 6550 target 6600,6450 stoploss 6720

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Evening Commodity Update tips|| MCX tips today

evening commodity share looked positive after fail 1.39% gold traded at 30770, Silver 1.59% down trend at 50400, netural gas 0.89% fail at 219.20 , crude oil now traded at 6739 with loss of 1.22%, nikel traded at 928.90 fail of 14 point or 1.47%

gold trend: positive
Advice : buy above 30800 target 30880,30930,30970 stoploss 30640

silver Trend: positive
Advice : buy above 50400 target 5900 stoploss 50100

Crude oil: look negative trend
Advice: buy above 6730 target 6780 stoploss 6700
sell below 6710 target 6660 sttoploss 6740


Monday, 19 August 2013

commodity prices today|| gold silver call update

Indian rupee reach 62.65 against dollar, commodity prices look down trend after last week high trend now gold traded at 30 809 with loss of 35 point, as well as silver traded at 50540 with loss of 122 point, crude oil(sept) loss 40 point now traded at 6723
Gold Trend today: 
today gold start positive trend on international market and touch $1375 above and indian share market
today high 31000
low level at 30680
over all trend in gold look positive , 

resistance level for gold is
support level for gold is 30670,30521,30341
Silve Trend today:
silve make high today 51132
and low of day is 50250
so if break 50250 then sell and break 50650 then buy

crude oil trend: crude oil look down trend on international market today beloq $110 and indian mcx price of crude is 6726 with loss of 36 point,
crude(sept) high today : 6799
low at 6694 so crude look volatile trend today
Advice on crude is : buy above 6730
sell below 6720

commodity call today:
sell gold below 30850 target 30800,30750,30700 stoploss 30980
sell silver below 50700 target 50500,50400,50320 stoploss 50950
sell crude oil below 6730 target 6710,6690 stoploss 6750


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Commodity trend update today|| gold,silver bounce with crude oil

today commodity trend:
commodity price again bounce back in right path of up trend, gold prices make high 30969 near at 31000 and silver prices make high of day is 51198 and low of day is 50539 , crude oil make high 6776 and low of day is 6702 with increase of 60 point up trend.

Gold trend and tips:
trader can watch with intraday level resistance is 31030,31079,31130 as well as support level for gold is 30650,30500,30450

Trend: gold can easily touch 31000 level so hni and regular trader can make buy position for 3-4 day .

Silver trend: silver will also goes on track of gold with resistance level of 50950,51250,51580
support level for silver is 50450,50150,49890

crude oil tips and trend: crude is look high up trend on international market for next week so trader can make buy position for this week only 6800 can touch on high and 6600 on low trend.

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Friday, 16 August 2013

commodity prices high today|| mcx gold silver tips

Today Indian rupee slip down at 61.80 above, commodity price open today record high
gold above 30450
silver above 49376
crude oil above 6667

tips and call today

sell silver below 49390 target should be 49300, 49250,49150 stoploss 29640
sell crude oil below 6640 target 6625,6610,6595 stoploss 6665
sell gold below 30090 target 30000, 29950 stoploss 30200

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

gold silver trend update|| free commodity tips

Gold trend update:
gold make low of day today 28792 now traded at 28815 with loss od 90 point down trend,
day trader can sell gold today
Sell gold below 28860 target 28820,28780,28740 stoploss 28930

silver trend update:
silver make low of day is 45922 now traded at 45997 with loss of  271 point , silver look down trend
day trader can sell
below sell silver below 46200 target 61100,46000,45850 stoploss 46500

gold silver bullish now today update || commodity trading tips

gold update: gold make high of day 29175, now traded at 28983 with increase of 60 point,
what should so in gold today : trader should buy trend above 28890 target will be 29200 with stoploss 28700

Silver update : silver make new high of day 46340, now traded at 46227 with increase of 366 point uptrend.
Advice on silver: trader can buy silver above 46270 target 46450,46550 stoploss 46000