Monday, 30 June 2014

silver positional sell call, Copper,aluminium downtrend next Contract

Mcx silver down more than 511 point and touch 44000 level ,open at 44470, silver fail below 44000 at 43978 made low afternoon time, as well as gold open at 27632 and made low 27561.

base metal copper aluminium look under pressure next contract, copper should be sharp down fall below 424 and touch 418 in this week ,if break 425 then 428,430 can see upside.
Aluminium july contract traded below 111.70 and should be fail below 110.50 in this week.
Crude oil look down trend below 6350 fail 17 point down side, resistance level for crude is 6386,6410,6434, support level for crude oil is 6331, 6305,6265.
commodity calls update:
sell silver 44350 target 44200/44000/43800 stoploss 44500
sell gold above 27630 target 27550/27500 stoploss 27700
sell copper above 424 target 421/419/417 stoploss 427
sell crude oil 6350 target 6300 stoploss 6378

Friday, 27 June 2014

Commodity mcx tips, gold silver evening update, crude oil trend

commodity precious metal gold and silver look under pressure today, evening session mcx traded at 27650 above gold made low at 27605 and high of day is 27799.

comax gold traded above $1317 while open at #1316.72, high of day 1322.25,low of day is 1312.3
mcx silver trading at 44555, open at 44758 and high of day is 44839 made low of 44422, nymex silver traded above $21.019.
crude oil taken recovery today and made high 6397, open at 6385, and made low of day is 6366, natural gas looked under presure, open at 269 and made low of day is 266.5 .

Evening commodity calls :

buy silver 44590 target 44750/44850/44900 stoploss 44400
buy gold above 27630 target 27750, 27850,27900 stoploss 27550
buy natural gas above 267 target 269/271 stoploss 265
sell aluminium 111.65 target 111.20/ 110.50 stoploss 112.2

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Gold Prices sustain below $1310, mcs silver sharply fallen @ 44170

Comax gold down more than 20-point this week after touch $1330, morning time gold made low $1308 .1 and uptrend at $1319.84,

Mcx gold trend: open at 27703, high at 27703 and low of day is 27552, more down in evening session if break 27550 then 27300 can touch.

Mcx silver tips: silver look under pressure today and open flat below 44600 at 44565 and same high of opening day.


Silver made low of day is 44173 Evening session look more downfall if break 44100 then 43800 should be touch.

Mcx copper : base metal copper touch up side 422.15 after than made low at 419.2 evening session should be seen more down fall in copper if break 419 then 415 will come, up side if break 422 then 425 should be touch.

Crude oil trend : mcx crude oil look down trend today after opening above 6438 and made high 6450 down side made low 6416 now trading at 6423.

Commodity calls update:

sell gold above 275600 target 27500,27450,27400 stoploss 27670

sell silver above 44350 target 44200,44100,44000 stoploss 44550

sell copper above 420.5 target 418.5/415 stoploss 423.5

sell crude oil above 6435 target 6410/6380 stoploss 6460

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Commodity live tips , mcx gold silver trend positive

evening time mcx moment look positive trend , comax gold traded $1320 above and mcx gold traded above 27700 above,
mcx silver made high 44600 now traded above 44500 nymex silver cross $21.032 , today US data has come negative which will affect gold silver uptrend.
Evening mcx calls:
buy gold above 27700 target 27800,27900 stoploss 27560
buy silver 44500 target 44700,44900 stoploss 44300
buy crude oil 6424 target 6440,6470 stoploss 6400

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Commodity evening update,Bullish moment in Mcx silver/gold,

gold trend in comax cross $1325.75 and mcx made high 27870, mcx silver traded above 44887 made high 44970, nymex silver touch upside $21.16, base metal copper, aluminium, zinc,lead look strong uptrend while nickel traded below 1100.

rupee open above 60.15 look strong than dollar at 60.09 level, crude oil increase above 6400 level now trading above 6416 and made high 6424.
Evening time mcx calls :
buy silver 44830 target 45150,45300,45500 stoploss 44400
buy gold above 27800 target 27900,27950,28050 stoploss 27700
buy copper above 418 target 420,423,425 stoploss 415
sell aluminum above 112.1 target 111.5,111,110.5 stoploss 113

Monday, 23 June 2014

Trade alert in gold,silver , base metal uptrend

Mcx silver trend volatile evening session must watch 44500 if cross 44550 then buy trend become till 44850 and keep stoploss 44350

Evening mcx gold traded at 27705 must move upside 27850 then 28000 so buy on dips 27650 target 27850 stoploss 27600
mcx base metal trend: after good PMI data from China base metal rise, buy copper 418.50 target 422,425 stoploss 415

Friday, 20 June 2014

bull face stop short position , MCX Zinc and copper positive

mcx bullion metal stop uptrend today, yesterday both metal increase more than expection, comax gold cross $1300 and nymax silver $20.74.

Silver trend today:

silver traded above 44350, evening time alert all seller, 44650,44800 then 45000 should be touch next week so buy on dips as our advice keep stoploss 43850.

Mcx gold trend: 

comax gold increase more than 20 point,and cross $1320 today morning session,now traded at $1313.1 as well as mcx gold above 27603,evening time moment upside 27750,27850 then 28000 should be touch so alert all sell side trader.

Evening commodity calls:

buy copper above 411 target 413,415,418 stoploss 407
buy Zinc 130 target 131,132,133 stoploss 128
buy Nickel above 1110 target 1121,1131 stoploss 1100

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Gold silver momentum calls bullish trend update

mcx silver made high 42881 with gain of 400 point, as well as mcx gold made high 27023 , comax gold made high $1286 above while rupee strong than dollar more than 38 paise.
Nymax silver traded $20.006 evening time.
A big investor can buy silver above 42750 target 43000,43300,43800 stoploss 42100

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dollar index high today than rupee, commodity tips today

afternoon session Rupee weak than dollar, 4 pm traded above 60.55 and made high above 60.54, mcx bullion and base metal both look uptrend,
Gold trend: comax gold traded above $1271.15 and made high $1271.96 mcx gold made high above 26937 and down side low at 26690 .

silver trend: silver prices traded above $19.74 while made high above $19.77,mcx silver open today 42252 and made high 42570, down side 42128.
base metal and energy trend: mcx crude oil uptrend cause of Iraq crisis while base metal also increase today.
Evening calls:
buy gold above 26900 target 27000,27050,27100 stoploss 26800
buy silver above 42450 target 42600,42700,42800 stoploss 42350
buy crude oil 6450 target 6470,6490,6510 stoploss 6425
buy copper above 408 target 412,416 stoploss 403

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

gold silver fail on comax and mcx market, crude oil trend

comax gold traded below $1265 while open at $1271.29, and made high $1273.3, mcx gold open above 26775 made high 26795 and low of day is 26592, last two day uptrend break today pressure by FOMC meeting and strong backup by rupee.
Mcx silver traded below 42000 at 41947 and open above 42097, made high at 42126, Nymex silver traded below $19.59,

Evening session mcx calls:

sell silver 41950 target 41800,41700,41600 stoploss 42100
mcx crude oil trend: crude oil prices look stable at 6400 made low of day at 6369 and high of day is 6443 ,open at 6334.

what should do.


Due to cause of strong rupee and crude oil prices look stable ,if break 6240 evening time then 6465,6489,6510 touch and down side 6360 then 6350,6320,6290 can touch.

Base metal trend today:

base metal copper was down evening time, while nickel look uptrend, aluminium, lead, and zinc look positive.

Evening mcx calls:

sell copper above 406 target 404,403,402 stoploss 408.5
sell gold above 2650 target 26600,26540,26450 stoloss 26790
buy nickel above 1140 target 1145,1150,1155 stoploss 1130

Monday, 16 June 2014

gold silver bullish moment today, 27000 level cross

Evening commodity trend:

mcx gold traded above 26950 ,while silver 42300,both precious metal look bullish trend, rupee also week then dollar.
base metal look in green mode

what should expected :
gold can touch 26800,26700 evening time keep stoploss 27100
as well as silver look profit booking at this level 41850,41500 down side can see now.

base metal and crude oil high so keep buy position on dips for two three days.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Gold silver gain 0.5%above,mcx calls today 13 June 2014, crude energy tips

commodity prices look uptrend as global cause, mcx silver traded above 41650 with increase of 400 point, mcx gold traded above 26550 with gain of 220 point.
Base metal copper trend :
copper increase more than 1.44%, ar evening time copper traded 401.3 with gain of 5.75 point, aluminium , nickel, lead and zinc traded positive.
Energy and crude oil trend:
mcx natural gas evening time natural gas traded above 285.9, made high 286.9, while low of day is 282.5.
trend of ng 289,293,298 down side 275 then 273,269.
crude oil trend: mcx crude oil traded above 6394 up side look 6420,6445,6478 doen side 6350 then 6320.
evening commodity calls:
buy crude oil 6400 target 6420,6445,6468 stoploss 6365
buy silver 41550 target 41650,41750,41900 stoploss 41300
buy gold above 26500 target 26640,26740,26900 stoploss 26200

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

mcx copper positional level, gold call tips


comax gold stable above $1260 , as look mcx gold trend open above 26077 and made high 26085 , gold prices should be up trend so buy on dips 25950 target 26100,26150 stoploss 25880


base metal trend: flat .only aluminium look in green sign, mcx copper trading below 400,while
open above 401 , support for copper 395, and resistance level 403,405.50 , buy on dips 397/398 target 403/405 stoploss 395

mcx silver mic demand increase Aug contract, base metal down trend

mcx silver July month look positive evening session mcx silver traded above 40630, today made high 46750, and low of day is 40522,while open at 40550,
if silver break 40750 then 40900,41000 can touch,while down side keep stoploss 40450.

mcx gold trend look negative while comax prices above $1262 while open at $1259.74, mcx gold made high 26199, open at 26189, and low of day is 25956,
evening time gold can touch 26150,then 26200,26250 down side gold movment 29950.
mcx aluminium, lead, and zinc down with copper today, all base netal look in red zone.
Crude oil inventory today as US Energy department news stock increase so cride oil prices look under pressure below 6200 level.
Keep sell position above 6210 target 6186,6170,6150 stoploss 6240

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Commodity trading level in gold,silver and base metal today

mcx gold silver open positive mode today above 25980 made high above 26069 and low of day is 25972, mcx silver open at 40297 and made high 40470, low of day is 40229.

base metal look down trend on mcx:
mcx copper open today at 399.6 made high 400.6 low of day is 397.1, while aluminium, nickel, zinc and lead was down 1%.
mcx crude oil tips:
crude oil open today 6191 and made and made high 6227 while low of day is same as open.
Evening mcx calls :
buy crude oil 6160 target 6200,6230,6250 stoploss 6110
buy copper above 398 target 401,404,407 stoploss 395
buy silver above 40250 target 40390,40490,40600 stoploss 40030
buy aluminium above 111 target 112,113,113.50 stoploss 110

Monday, 9 June 2014

Best buy base metal today, gold silver bullish moment @ low level

Gold Trend: after one month letter gold silver look positive today, gold look major support $1250, on mcx market gold open at 25825 made high above 25966, right time to invest in gold should be touch $1276,$1290 on comax.

Advice on gold: buy on dips 25900 target 2950,26100,26150 stoploss 25800
Silver trend: mcx silver open at 39980 and made high 40370, low of silver is 39980 ,best buy on dips 40200 target 40550,40700 stoploss 39800.

basemetal tips:

mcx copper look under pressure last week now sustain below 395, if touch 398 then 405,408 will up side and down side 390 , so buy on dips.

Mcx aluminium : cross resistance level 111 now look forword 113,115 , down side 109, buy on dips.
Mcx zinc and lead: both base metal look positive trend , zinc should be upper range above 127 and lerad 125, down side support for zinc is 122.50 and lead sustain below 123.

evening mcx tips:

buy crude oil 6085 target 6120/6140 stoploss 6050
buy lead 124 target 125,125.50/126 stoploss 123
buy nickel above 1110 target 1121,1127,1135 stoploss 1100

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Gold silver investing tips, tomorrow mcx tips

Gold silver close after release of US nonform payroll data letter in the night, US market close record high after improving economic conditions,

what should be strategy in commodity market:

because dollar index strong after this reform , gold prices may increase $1260 to $1276
while silver prices $19.05 to $19.45
base metal and crude oil demand should be increase so invest in crude oil and base metal

mcx calls

buy crude oil 6070 target 6100,6130 stoploss 6030
buy gold above 25900 target 25950,26000,26150 stoploss 25750
buy copper above 398/399 target 403,405,408 stoploss 394

Friday, 6 June 2014

gold trend down at weekend, silver positional call

gold buy above 25850 target 25950,26050 stoploss 25730
silver buy 40150 target 40300,40450,40550 stoploss 39950
sell crude oil above 6070 target 6030,6000 stoploss 6105

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Base metal share positive at evening time while bullion metal was down todat 5 June, crude oil open at 6094 and made low of day is 6058,
mcx zinc open at 123.65 and made low of day is 123.1, while high of day is 124, aluminium open at 108.25, and made high at 109.7, now traded at 109.2.
Lead open at 124.4, made high 124.9 and low of day is 123.9, look down trend,
mcx gold open at 25840 and made high 25866 while low of day is 25760, now traded at 25794 down trend today.
Mcx silver look under pressure today open at 39830 made high of day is 39848,low of day is 39615 . 
Evening mcx calls:
buy copper above 405.50 target 408,411 stoploss 402
buy aluminum above 109 target 109.50,110,110.50 stoploss 108.40
buy zinc above 123.50 target 124,124.50,125 stoploss 123
sell silver above 39750 target 39500,39300 stoploss 39950

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

mcx crude oil buy trend, copper sharp down 1.7% @406.30

mcx copper fail more than 6 point today, open at 411.6 and made low of day is 406.3, base metal nickel ,aluminium, lead zinc down today,
crude oil uptrend but down in nymax, mcx crude oil made high 6145, while opwn at 6105, low of day is 6105.

mcx gold silver trend: bullion metal gold silver look down trend afternoon time, while rupee weak than dollar at 59.34.
mcx gold (august) open at 25810 and mde high 25882 while low of day is 2580, evening time traded above 25860
mcx silver open at 39899 and made high 39940 low of day is 39708 , evening time traded above 39760.

mcx calls for trading :

buy silver 39720 target 39850, 39950,40100 stoploss 39550
buy gold above 25810 target 25890,25970,26050 stoploss 25700
sell copper 409 target 405,402 stoploss 413
buy crude oil 6125 target 6140,6175,6210 stoploss 6090

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

evening commodity trend 3 june 2014

Today call performance 3 June 2014
buy gold above 25750 target 25850,25950 stoploss 25620 / achieved all target
buy silver above 39950 target 40000,40100,4200 stoploss 39500 / first target achieved
buy natural gas above 273 target 277,280 stoploss 269 /near at 276.6 hit first target 

BUY LEAD 125.80 TARGET 126.50,127,127.5 STOPLOSS 124.70
BUY SILVER 39900 TARGET 40100,40300 STOPLOSS 39630 

Mcx gold silver buying zone , free mcx calls

mcx bullion metal positive trend today , mcx gold open today at 25740, and made high 25796, mcx silver traded above 39910 and made high above 39987, open at 39633.

Indian rupee look weak than dollar, open at 59.16 and made high 59.28, that effect seen on bullion metal.
Energy and crude oil also up trend today, while base metal copper and nickel look down trend today.
Commodity calls:
buy gold above 25750 target 25850,25950 stoploss 25620
buy silver above 39850 target 40000,40100,4200 stoploss 39500
buy natural gas above 273 target 277,280 stoploss 269

Monday, 2 June 2014

base metal buy call, copper, lead, zinc and aluminium uptrend

mcx base metal look positive trend today, rupee look down trend against dollar at 59.135, while mcx copper open at 411.7 and made high 415.9, aluminum open at 108.25 and made high at 109.3, zinc open at 121.75 and made high 123.3, same as lead open at 123.9 made high 124.9 .
crude oil trend, mcx crude oil open at 6115 and made high 6133 while low of day is 6103, look under pressure today, 
mcx natural gas open at 271.9 and made high 273.3, low of day is 270.9,

what should do in base metal today

buy copper above 414 target 417,419,423 stoploss 410

buy lead above 124.20 target 125,126,127 stoploss 122.30

buy aluminium above 108.50 target stoploss 107.70

sell crude oil 6130 target 6110,6080 stoploss 6150