Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gold Silver trading tips today 29 August 2013|| intraday commodity trend update

gold trend : 
 gold make high today 33622 in opening time after recovery in rupee look down trend and slip down 700 point at 3.20 pm,
high 34622
low 33834

Advice : 
sell below 33900 target 33700,33550 stop loss 34250( use only level of 3400)
buy above 34200 target 34500 stoploss 33900(use only level of 34200)

Silver Trend Update:
 silver make high 59580 and now at 60000 level after smart recovery in rupee silver slip down 57800 level now

trend: positive
Advice: buy above 5800 level target 58500
sell below 57500 target 57000

crude copper and nickel trend :
after 3 pm some down fall has seen on metal nikel down 6 point now trded at 960.80 , copper 494.95 and crude oil 7465


    BUY COPPER (FEB.) (10 LOTS) ABOVE 455.00 TG- 457.00/460.00/464.00 SL-452.00 Stock tips free trial

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