Friday, 30 May 2014

gold silver evening call, why base metal positive today,free commodity tips

LME inventory data today
aluminium -4750, copper -1150, Lead -375, Nickel +774, tin -50, Zinc -7700
last day of weekend precious metals are down trend, gold traded 26800 levels and silver 40050, global demand weak in precious metal.
Mcx copper and nickel both look uptrend, copper traded 412.80, aluminum may month expiry today , while look posiitve increase one point june contract above 108.85.
crude oil trend:
crude oil look in red zone at 6100 level, made high 6115 and low of day is 6094.

Evening commodity calls
buy gold above 26800 target 26850,26900,26950 stoploss 26700]
buy silver above 40000 target 40100,40250,40350 stoploss 39790
sell Nickel above 1138 target 1130,1125,1118 stoploss 1145


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