Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crude oil open weak on mcx , Expert Advice buy @6160 cause of US inventory

Crude oil open in mcx at 6170 and made high 6200 while low od day is 6156, nymax crude was down below $102.2 , according to US petro deparmment crude oil storage capacity sharp fallen 5.5 lach barrels , evening session inventory come from USA .

MCX gold silver decline above 28000 on mcx and $1306 in comax , nymax Silver open at $20.89 and made high $21.075 while low of day is $20.63.
mcx silver open at 45100 and made high 45145 low of day is 44958,
mcx base metal trend: copper ,aluminium nickel ,lead and zinc look in under preesure today, evening session copper should be increase if break 430 up side.
Commodity calls
sell gold above 27950 target 27900/27850/27800 stoploss 28050
sell silver 45100 target 44900/44800/44700 stoploss 45250
sell copper 428/430 target 425/422 stoploss 431
buy crude oil 6150/60 target 6180/6210/6240 stoploss 6110


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  2. INDIAN BENCHMARK opened on a strong note with the Nifty starting to its all time high of a over 7,800.
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  4. If we consider the crude oil trading range according to Epic Research Pvt. Ltd. then it is Crudeoil trading range for the day is 6105-6251.

  5. THE EQUICOM CALL: SELL SILVER (MAR.) BELOW 36150 TG-36050/35910/35700 SL-36350 (CMP-36193)
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