Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Natrural gas ,crudeoil calls today, gold silver week trend update

from US Energy department announce storage fact today, so natural gas may positive or negative in evening time, as trend look positive in ng 271.5 and may be touch 278 up side and down side 268.
crude oil production affected in USA by cold whether so incoming day crude again touch up trend 5950 above, today crude traded below 5840 with loss of 15 point, evening moment touch 5900 above and down side 5810.
Gold trend: gold traded below $1225.50 in comax ,today high at $1231.70 and low side at $1220.70 , rupee close strong than dollar so gold upside 28800 and downside 28650.
silver trend: mcx silver week today slip down below 44000 level with loss of 595 point now traded above 43931 ,so evening moment up side 44500 and down side 43600.
commodity calls:
buy crude oil above 5840 target 5860/5880/5900 stoploss 5810
buy gold 28720 target 28760/28800/28850 stoposs 28630
buy silver above 43900 target 44400 stoploss 43600

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