Friday, 3 January 2014

Today crude oil down, gold silver increase, HNI call tips

Today crude oil prices fallen 63 point above now traded at 5953, mcx market make high 5999 and low at 5950 level down side, natural gas move down side 268 with loss of 1.5, mcx copper traded above 465.80 with loss of 3.90 point.

Bullion metal increase till morning time to evening time on comax that effect seen on mcx market also , gold traded above 29038 with gain of 70 point, on comax market make high $1238.10 and low $1221.40.
silver traded above 45380 with gain of 30 point , comax silver traded above $20.212 ,today make high $20.313 and low level of day is $19.993.
mcx call for evening moment:
sell gold above 29100 target 28850/28750 stoploss 28250

sell silver above 45453 target 45300,45200,45100 stoploss 45660

buy crude oil above 5957 target 5970,5990,6015 stoploss 5930


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