Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gold silver trend update, Natural gas bullish uptrend @ high demand

mcx market in morning time for precious metal look positive trend gold touch 30000 level while silver traded above 47500, on comax gold make high $1327 and low of trend $1318,

silver trend update: silver make low $21.88 and low at $21.485, today trend look positive and silver range look 47850 and down side 46800.
Copper: base metal look down side after weak opening at 449 levels down side slip 445.2 ,range between 451 to 440
Natural gas update: natural gas make high at 399 and low trend 384.9 , on high demand in USA , look up trend for this week ,412 plus up side and 375 down side so keep sell position above 400 levels.
Commodity calls today:
sell gold above 30050 target 29900,29830,29750 stoploss 3200
sell silver above 47650 target 47350,47150,46850 stoploss 48000
buy copper above 445 target 448,450 stoploss 441
buy nickel above 882 target 886,889 stoploss 878


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