Friday, 7 February 2014

Rupee strong last three trading session , gold silver trend today update

Rupee strong than dollar last three working day, and gold silver current market price down level of 28800 and 44300, comax gold traded at $1260 and today make high $1264.47, as well as silver make low $19.74 and high at $19.96.
mcx copper trend: copper open today 445.75 and make high 448 and low 445.75, today copper look positive trend ,
copper up side movement 450,451 and down side 445,
Evening commodity calls update:
buy gold above 28750 target 28850,28950,29000 stoploss 28650
buy silver above 44370 target 44500,44700,44800 stoploss 44100
buy copper above 447 target 448,449 stoploss 445.5

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