Monday, 10 March 2014

base metal and crude oil down, gold silver trend negative on comax

commodity  trend afternoon update:
Today crude oil slip sown above 6330 level and now traded at 6118 with loss of 90 point, base metal copper and nickel both down from upper range, copper traded at 414 and nickel traded above 917.

aluminium, zinc,lead both are down today, aluminium make high today at 6.30 and down side low at 105.25
zinc made high at 126.05 while low range at 124.80 as well as lead traded at 126.40 , high of day is 127.40 and low of day is 126.15
gold silver trend: on comax gold traded above 1332 while low side 1327 and down side 1341.5, gold looks down in mcx market from 30000 level ,today upside range should be 30150,30250 and sown side range between 29850
silver slip down from 45750 level while upside trend today 45880 only, numax silver look down trend
commodity calls update:
buy gold above 29950 target 30050,3150,30200 stoploss 29820
buy silver above 45700 target 45950,46200,46500 stoploss 45350
sell crude oil above 6240 target 6200,6150 stoploss 6280
sell nickel above 918 target 914,910,890 stoploss 930

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