Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bullion Metal Tips, what should do in base metal today?

Base metal copper traded in mcx market at 400 with loss of 2 point, nickel traded above 995, as trend of Nickel upside 1005 and sown side 887.

bullion metal trend: mcx gold traded at 30085 with loss of 120 point, today open at 30211 and high of day is 30222 on comax gold was down at $1347 below, last 5 day trading session bullion metal down more than $40 point from $1395 to $1345.
mcx crude oil trend: crude oil march month expiry today and look positive trend at 3 pm crude oil traded above 6084 , April contact up side trend 6090 and sown side trend at 6020.
mcx silver trend: silver traded at 45550 level with loss of 275 point, up side trend 46200 and sown side 45100,
commodity calls update:
sell gold above 30150 target 30,000 29850 stoploss 30300
sell silver 45750 target 45500,45250,45100 stoploss 45990
buy nickel 993 target 995,997,999 stoploss 888
buy crude oil above 6045 target 6065,6085,6110 stop loss 6000

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