Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Global Demand week in physical market, gold silver down , mcx live calls

global demand week in gold and silver as well as strong rupee at 60.09 per dollar also push down side, on comax gold was down $1310 today, while mcx India traded at 28815.

silver was down at 43550 and made low of day is 43481 and high of day is 43750, on comax silver traded at 20.049 and high at 2013 , trend of silver is down side 43250 if break then 42800 as well as upside 44780 then 44950.
mcx copper: after strong open upper range 403 level copper has down below 400 level in evening time, inventory come positive for copper so upper range 405 and down side 396 if break 396 then 385 will come.
Crudeoil trend: crudeoil traded under pressure before inventory come evening time, crude oil traded at 6000 level, up side trend 6030,6050 then 6080 and down side at 5980,5870 if break then 5940 will come.
Evening commodity calls:
buy gold 28800 target 28850,28900,28950 stoploss 28680
buy silver 43500 target 43750,43900 stoploss 43300
buy copper above 398.50 target 402,404 stoploss 395
buy crudeoil 6000 target 6030,6050,6080 stoploss 5960


  1. Mcx silver sell 43000 target 42600 stoploss 43250
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