Wednesday, 30 April 2014

mcx gold silver trading tips today 30 April, crude oil inventory

mcx gold and silver look down trend today , gold slip down 28669 level after opening at 28725, comax gold was traded below $1290 while make high at $1296.44.

silver traded on nymax at $19.27 and make high of day is $19.489, mcx silver traded above 41568 and open today at 41889, low of day is 41522 on mcx fail more than 350 point today as well as gold fail 78 point.
Mcx nickel trend : today open above 1105 made high 1106 and down side low 1088, mcx copper traded flat on 408.8 while open at 410.4.
crude oil trend: today crude oil inventory become at night, nymax crude oil slip down 1.1% at $100.10, mcx crude oil open at 6100 and made high 6100 down side make low of day is 1046, increase storage capacity in US so crude was down trend.
Evening commodity calls
buy gold above 28640 target 28750,28800,28900 stoploss 28500
buy silver above 41550 target 41750,41900 stoploss 41300
sell crude oil above 6170 target 6100 stoploss 6110
sell copper (june) above 414 target 410 stoploss 417


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  4. Please post the commodity tips for today just like you have posted for 30th April. The information is really helpful...

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