Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Energy, crude oil down, gold silver copper up trend, mcx tips today

mcx commodity trend update:
gold : open down trend below 28000 at 27923 and now increase 100 point up trend at 28180, june contact tradeing with range bound below 28000.

Today up side trend is 28250,28380,28450 and down trend was 27930,27800,27745
Silver: silver open at 42550 and high of day is 42775 and down side at 42528, up side 42950,43130 and down side 42140,42000.
Copper trend: mcx copper open at 404 level and high was 406.3 and low of day is 403.8, copper can touch 408,410 412 up side.
Aluminium trend: Today aluminium open at 106, and make high above 107.50 ,down side at 105.90 , today up side 108,109 and down side 105.50.
natural gas: natural gas looked under pressure today open above 256.9 and down side moved 254.4, today up side trend is 257,259 and down side 253,251
evening commodity calls:
buy gold (june) 27800 target 27850,27900,27950 stoploss 27650
buy crude oil above 5950 target 5970,5990,6120 stoploss 5920
buy copper above 406 target 408,410,412 stoploss 403
buy nickel above 960 target 965,970,978 stoploss 950


  1. Crudeoil downed today and it's trading range for the day is 5906-6018.Silver trading range for the day is 42163-43865 as it gained for BEST NCDEX Tips.

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