Friday, 4 April 2014

Base metal aggressive today, best trading tips in cudeoil

Base metal copper, nickel look positive trend after dollar index high, mcx coper touch upside above 408.85 and down side at 406.95.
mcx nickel traded above 998.3 and high of day is 999.4 and low of day is 987.9 ,nickel aggressive trend: cause of dollar index high , all base metal look up trend , watch level 1000,1012 up side and down side 989
crude oil trend: crude oil look positive after open below 6070, today make high above 6107 and aggressive now 6120,6140,6160 levels
gold trend update: gold look week on comax today now traded below $1290 and open at $1286.77, mcx gold traded above 28180 and make low of day is 28080, high of day is 28228.
silver trend : mcx silver traded above 43140 and make high 43249 today, low of the day is 42951, silver should be aggressive above 43250,then 43340,43470,43540. sown side if break 42950 then 42800,42656.
commodity calls update:
buy gold above 28100 target 28150,28240,28330 stoploss 27980
buy silver above 43050 target 43350,43500 stoploss 42780
buy copper above 407.5 target 409,411,413 stoploss 405
buy crude oil 6085/90 target 6120,6140,6160 stoploss 6050


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